Best Hotels in Ranthambore National Park

The gloriously impressive beauty of Ranthambore National Park combines an attractive blend of flora and fauna consisting of the fine and the vast gigantic natural wildlife habitat and huge lush green lifelike trees and plants making Ranthambore a majestic place to explore and visit.

The magnanimity of this magnificent Ranthambore Park gets amplified by the luxuriously comfortable Ranthambore hotels. Some of the handpicked and the best hotels in Ranthambore that provide world class costumer amenities are:

Sher Bagh: Situated at the edge of Ranthambore Park, this Ranthambore hotel is set amidst trees and over looking valleys on a private estate. Providing the finest of amenities to its customer with dining experiences carefully crafted, room service, lounge, reading room facility and special evening talks with conservationists who have dedicated their lives to Ranthambore and its natural habitat.

Khem Villas: Spread over 10 acres the Khem Vilas is in the proximity of Ranthambore that makes it a traveler’s hub. Khem Villas is an ideal destination that offers the guest complete peace of mind, along with some lip smacking food and the world best cuisines that add to the prominent service of Khem villas Ranthambore hotel.

Dev Villas: Hotel Dev Vilas is a unit of Sacchai Hotels Pvt. Ltd. This Ranthambore hotel is set in three and a half acres of land and is located near the entrance of the Ranthambore. Dev Vilas Hotel offers 28 rooms categorized into 19 Deluxe Rooms and 9 common rooms. Each room has been designed in a unique sequence of color, style and ambience providing the major amenities to its customers such as bar, business center, outdoor swimming pool, free room service, internet facility etc.

Tiger Moon: A jungle lodge located at the edge of the Ranthambore National Park (Rajasthan, India), Tiger Moon resort offers a drive in open jeeps deep into the Ranthambore forest and give tourist a glimpse of wildest of tigers. Folk dances and puppet shows are the salient features of this Ranthambore hotel. The finest of amenities provided by Tiger Moon resort are currency exchange, wildlife libraries and safe locker etc.

Tiger Den: Tiger Den Resort, a Jungle Lodge boasts of quality accommodation and services. The resort is barely five minutes away from the main entrance of the park. There are 18 air-conditioned cottages, 2 suites and 8 luxury Swiss Cottage tents. Each cottage & tent is equipped with modern amenities.

Visit one of the finest above mentioned hotels in Ranthambore when longing to visit the incredible land of Ranthambore National Park and get the best ever deals with the accommodation services while adding a cherry of comfort living on the cake of your visit to Ranthambore National Park.

The 5 Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World

The vast majority of people look out for the most affordable deals when it’s time to book a hotel room. However, a tiny portion of the people in the world have so much money that they deliberately seek out the most expensive, opulent hotel suites available. Although most of us will never be able to stay the night in one of these luxury suites, seeing what they’re all about can be a lot of fun. Below, we take a look at the five most expensive hotel suites in the world today.

The Imperial Suite – Park Hyatt Vendome, Paris – At nearly £13,000, a one night stay in the Park Hyatt Vendome’s Imperial Suite will cost you dearly. With its luxurious spa bathroom, high ceilings and unbeatable views, though, some would argue that the expense is more than worth it. Pampering in the City of Light doesn’t get a whole lot better than this.
The Villa La Cupola Suite – Westin Excelsior, Rome – The Eternal City offers up its own fair share of opulence and extravagance for those who want to pursue it, and few places do so more elegantly than the Villa La Cupola Suite at the Westin Excelsior. At approximately £20,000 per night, the largest suite in Italy – along with its 12-metre-high domed living room ceiling – is out of this world.
The Presidential Suite – Hotel Cala di Volpe, Costa Smerelda, Sardinia – If you’d like to spend a night in the split-level, three bedroom Presidential Suite at Sardinia’s Hotel Cala di Volpe, you’d better have £22,000 handy. Its best feature? A private, outdoor saltwater pool where you can soak away all of your worries.
The Ty Warner Penthouse – Four Seasons, New York City – A one night stay in the extravagant Ty Warner Penthouse suite in New York’s Four Seasons Hotel will run you nearly £23,000. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows, eight-metre-high cathedral ceilings and glass balconies, this I.M. Pei-designed suite is unforgettable.
The Royal Penthouse Suite – President Wilson Hotel, Geneva – With a price tag of over £42,000 per night, the Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva won’t be a top pick among last minute rooms. The suite, which occupies the entire top floor of the hotel and boasts bulletproof glass, is a favourite of diplomats. If you’re looking for the grandest last minute hotels, this one should do nicely.

The Best Paris Four Star Hotels

Paris is an enigmatic city. Once you are there, you will actually be overwhelmed by the romanticism it emanates. All year round, travelers visit this city because of its legendary grandeur. Aside from its scenic views and historic places, what make Paris different from other tourist destinations are its hotels and various accommodations suitable for any budget range without sacrificing the quality of services and amenities they provide for tourists. You can in fact find Paris four star hotels to be very classy and the service is almost tantamount to that of a five star hotel, but of course with some little differences.

There are several fantastic Paris four star hotels, depending on what particular category you would view them. There are several options you can choose from. If you’ll go for popularity, the most rated on this category are the Hotel Francois 1Er Paris located at 7 Rue Magellan, Best Western Premier Bradford Elysees Hotel Paris, Franklin Roosevelt Hotel, and Hotel Le 123 Elysees Paris.

The Francois Premier Hotel is rated top in popularity amongst Paris four stars because of its amenities and services provided to customers, local or tourists. Aside from its famous restaurants and shops, Francois Premier is located at the center of this bustling metropolis. Best Western Premier is just 26 km from the Charles de Gaulle airport and 17 km, if you are arriving from Orly airport. Aside from its accessibility, Best Western Premier also offers top rate services and amenities to guests, which makes it also well-liked by most tourists opting to stay in a Paris four star hotel. The Franklin Roosevelt Hotel is situated in the heart of the famous Golden Triangle providing various accesses to different popular landmarks in Paris. Although almost three miles away from the downtown area, Hotel Le 123 Elysees Paris is still conveniently accessible to other popular landmarks. Also making it one among the popular four star hotels in Paris, are its shopping districts just outside the hotel for guests who want to experience Paris fashion.

If you base the excellence of a Paris four star hotel on its affordable prices, yet great service and amenities, there are several options you can go for, like the Residence Home Business Paris Grande Bibliotheque, Villa Eugenie Hotel Paris, Villa Royale Montsouris Paris, or the Best Western Premier Amiral Hotel Paris. These four star hotels have been rated top based on their affordable prices, great locations, and excellent facilities and customer service.

Hotel with four stars offers great accommodation options, and if you want to experience an elegant stay minus the expensive prices offered by most five star hotels, four star hotels can provide you the things you are looking for to make your stay in Paris more memorable and pleasurable. Although rates may vary depending on the hotel you plan on staying, the best thing about this type of hotels is that you still get a comfortable accommodation minus the expensive fee. Wherever you plan to stay, Paris can definitely make your travel an experience you will never forget.

Luxury Villas – Compared to Hotels and Motels

Traveling would involve making a lot of decisions, like whether to travel with your family or have a romantic vacation, which place to travel and in that place the places to travel and so on. Joining this list of decisions will be an important one i.e. accommodation, where to stay. Choosing the accommodation will depend on a variety of factors like the number of people traveling, cost and amenities required etc.

Before choosing an accommodation, it is necessary to know the available options because there are varieties of options available. In this article, we will discuss briefly about one of the most famous tourist spot Florida and how to accommodate there. Let’s have a look at the three types of accommodations available at Florida.

Florida Motels

Motels are nothing but motor hotels, they are designed in such a way that the front door opens directly to the parking space, so you can always have an eye on your vehicles and loading, unloading your baggage can be done with ease.

Florida motels are just like other motels, it can be the perfect accommodation for those who wish to stay just for a night or a short duration of time and are traveling with their private transport(like car, motorbikes).

They are available at low costs and provide you with decent accommodation facilities like free daily newspaper, coin operated laundries etc.

Florida Hotels

Hotels are similar to motels and also more comfortable then motels.

Florida hotels are one of the options preferred by travelers as they are located somewhere in the center of the city and are accessible to all locations. Also lodging in the hotels could mean you could use their restaurants for eating.

The hotels in Florida provide one with a lot of facilities like room service, laundry facilities, 24 hour front desk service, conference halls, renting cars at lobby and much more.

Small families or just a couple of people will find these hotel accommodations highly comfortable at affordable costs.

Florida Luxury Villas

Villas or holiday rentals are those which are available with a kitchen facility that is the basic difference between the villas and hotels.
Florida luxury villas are the luxury accommodations true to their name, they are accommodations so perfect for the vacation that some would prefer to stay and enjoy the luxuries over there.

These villas will be the perfect accommodation for a group of friends or a family, the facilities over there range from spas, swimming pools to relax, to games rooms with billiard and games console with Xbox, Wii to get one active.

These luxury Florida vacation villas also have excellent kitchen facilities; many of them are located near to one of Florida’s favorite tourist spots, Disney world. They also have high speed internet, cable connections, DVD libraries and much more.

The main reason to choose them ahead of hotels is because if one is holidaying with a group of say ten people then these villas will always cost less per person than hotels and are more comfortable too with more room space and a lot of luxuries.

Comparing all three types of Florida accommodations, the best ones are of course Florida motels, Florida hotels and Florida luxury villas. Yes all three of them are the best accommodations and it depends on how you choose them.

You could be wasting a lot of money if you would rent a villa just for a couple of days, similarly you could be cramping yourself in a motel if you are a large number of people. Similarly lodging in a hotel with a large group for a couple of weeks will any day cost you more than the Florida luxury villas.

Conde De Villanueva Hotel in Havana, Cigar and Intimacy

The Conde de Villa Nueva Hotel turned very soon into the most cherished lodging in Cuba, above all for the cigar smokers.

Inaugurated on February 24, 1999, during the Habano Festival, it very quickly caught the attention of many Europeans and North American that travel to Havana as businesspersons and, mainly, for buying those handmade famous cigars: the Habanos Premium.

The manager Humberto Broche Reyes and the vice manager Lilian Puig Cabrera, actually, a young married couple, are very glad with the results and the appeal of this amusement house with only nine rooms. It is a mansion of the 18 century regained from its ruins by the tourist firm Habaguanex S.A., in charge of a kind of amusement related to the history and the culture, which features a list of lodgings that counts as well on the Santa Isabel Hotel, Ambos Mundos, and the Valencia, among others located in the old area of Havana.

The Conde de Villanueva characterizes by its very colonial indoor halls with plenty of light and room, decorated with sculptures and pictures of smokers of famous habanos, vegetation and a very clear environment. As a distinctive sign, each room and dining room is named after an Island’s tobacco plantation area, such as the restaurant “Vuelta Abajo” where the offer features dishes of the Cuban cuisine from the 19th century and also contemporary, with seats for 30 customers.

We can add the coffee shop “El Corojo” and the breakfast area “Vuelta Arriba”. The Main Hall is named “Paso Real de San Diego del Valle”, arranged for lectures, for up to 60 persons, and welcoming cocktails or presentations for 100 attendees, according to the needs.

The rooms are grouped in three different types, the A (bathtub with hydro massage, street view and balcony) in which we include the suite “Vegas Trinidad” and the double “Vegas Hoyo de Monterrey” and “Vegas Hoyo de Manicaragua”. The second type, class B (bathtub, street view, and balcony) there are the “Vegas Robaina”, “Vegas de Remedios” and “Vegas de San Luis”, and as a C class (view to the indoors gallery, smaller), there are the double “Vegas de San Juan y Martinez”, “Vegas de Pinar del Río” and “Vegas Perla de Llevada”.

All rooms feature colonial style furniture made in cedar and mahogany (fine Cuban wood) and they are equipped with air conditioning system, private bathroom, telephone, safe, satellite TV, among other comforts.

The Habano House at Conde de Villanueva hotel is just one out of a vast amount spread all over the world including North America (not the United States as regulated by their government).

As it is a real estate dedicated to cigar smokers, it features a “Habano House” properly equipped with rooms to keep cigars (lockers), Walking Humidor and tasting-bar, to which we can add a very well provisioned store. The mansion used to belong to the Conde de Villanueva, Don Claudio Martinez de Pinillos y Ceballos. The fact that this house is related to habanos is due to his former owner who was a promoter of the sales of this product, apart from introducing the railroads in Cuba.

Which Is the Best – A Hotel or Villas?

The question is often asked whether staying in a hotel or a villa is better for those planning a vacation in Florida. The answer whether you should opt to stay at a Florida villa or hotel room depends on a variety of factors.

First, you must decide on the duration of your stay. If you plan to travel for a night or two, staying at a hotel will be lot more convenient and you can avoid the extra expense of things like housekeeping. But if you plan a long vacation, then it will be more cost-effective to stay in a Florida villa. In fact, if you and your family truly want to enjoy a Florida vacation, you will have to necessarily plan for a longer vacation as the sightseeing spots in Florida are galore.

If you intend traveling with your family and the size of your family is large or you are traveling as a large group, then a Florida villa will be more ideal as you will have a lot of living space including multiple bedrooms, kitchen, dining space, living rooms etc. Again if you are a large group and plan splitting the expenses among several families or a group of friends, then it will be more economical to opt for a Florida villa than occupying multiple hotel rooms.

There is a distinct advantage to Florida villas as opposed to hotel rooms. Most villas in Florida offer you fully stocked kitchens and you save a lot of money by preparing your own meals instead of dining out every time.

But if you are the one who wants flexibility in travel arrangements, then Florida villas can be disadvantageous. Ordinarily, if you book Florida villas, you will be forced into paying for them, unless you cancel thirty days in advance. Even if you do cancel well in time, they may still charge you some cancellation fees. Most hotels, on the other hand, will let you to cancel up to the day before you travel without charging you.

Another disadvantage to a Florida villa may be the onus is on you to keep the place clean. Whereas hotels have housekeeping and daily maid service, and you may appreciate a clean room when you come back from a tiring day of sightseeing. It must therefore be said that if you do not wish to cook during your vacation nor attend to cleaning work, a Florida villa may not suit you.

Families or groups of friends looking for cozy accommodation should consider Florida Villas as they offer more flexibility, commodious space, greater degree of privacy and opportunities for better bonding. Besides, they provide a real ‘home from home’ experience and you can assuredly spend quality time with your loved ones.

There are villas and hotels galore in Florida and there is accommodation for all types of tourists in Florida and in all price ranges. If you are planning for a Florida vacation, selecting where to stay is one of the important decisions you have to make. There are lots of sources where from you can know about villas and hotels in Florida. You are bound to find the perfect holiday accommodation when in Florida and a bit of forward planning is all that is needed.

Choose a Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Hotel

A guide to choosing your specific Hotel in Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo, Mexico

OK, so you’ve seen my article on choosing a location “Best Hotel Location – Ixtapa Or Zihuatanejo?” (if you haven’t, perhaps you should do so now!). You’ve settled on a general area, perhaps even have your plane tickets in hand, now how in the heck to decide which Hotel is “right” for your specific desires?

First question:

How much effort and time do you want to invest? This is the single most important factor in determining how well your hotel choice “fits” you. Obviously, the more (productive) time spent researching hotel choices, the better off you will be to make an educated choice.

NOTE: In the previous paragraph I said “productive time spent”, not just “time spent”. Especially while doing research on the Internet, there are a vast number of “time-traps”… sites that are aimed towards making booking at any cost, with very little factual, unbiased information. The goal of EVERY booking site is to MAKE BOOKINGS! Sure, they may have reviews (*see note below*) and pretty pictures, but what they really want is your money. They do not care how they make it.

OK, back to the topic. In increasing order of time spent, your choices are basically these:

Travel Agencies.
Individual hotel or chain sites.
On-line reservation sites.
Individual Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo sites and forums.

NOTE: If you came here looking for links to recommended travel, hotel or booking sites, you will be disappointed. I do not include links to any sites, although I may write about some that I (personally) like. The idea is not to promote one site over another, the idea is to describe techniques and “food-for-thought”. Who is to say that WhoopeeBookings is better or worse than WhizBang Bookings?

Travel Agencies Simple right? Walk in, pick up a glossy brochure and peer at the 2 inch pictures. Choices? Let’s see (I am actually looking at one as I write this). 8 choices in Ixtapa and 3 in Zihuatanejo. Not bad you say? There exist hundreds of hotels, bungalows, villas, condos etc. In the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo area!

Why these specific hotels? I am not saying there aren’t any good ones in the list but the one and only criteria for being featured in a travel agency or package vacation company brochure is the following:

These are the hotels that do business with the agency. Period.

You can form your own conclusions. I am not in any way against travel agents or package tour companies — in fact you can often get a great deal from them, and if you happen to know an agent well and he or she has actually been to Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo, even better.

Hotel Web Sites

Obviously, you can’t expect a hotel’s website to give you complete unbiased reviews of their properties, but they do have one big advantage:

You are in direct contact with the hotel.

Calling their phone number or sending an email will put you in contact with the Hotel (or chain) directly. This can very often result in:

Cheaper rates — they don’t have to pay a commission to someone else.
Last-minute cancellation deals — who knows better than the front-desk or reservations clerks?
More room choices. Especially with package deals, you choices may be few. For example, the rooms with the nicest view may not be available in a package deal as it would “break” their $999 package price.

NOTE: you can tell if a telephone number is within the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo area very easily — the area code is “755” as in 755-555-1212 and the country code is “52” as in 011-52-755-555-1212.

On-line Reservation Sites There are dozens, even hundreds. Why? Easy… it is a very financially rewarding market to be in. Think about it, no inventory, no physical product to deliver, just charge commissions.

More and more there is very little difference between the big sites. The price differences are minimal between say Expedia and Travelocity (no endorsement implied!). By all means, use them, just bear in mind the following:

Know who you are dealing with. The big boys are well established, but some of the little guys… who really knows. Save yourself some trouble and do a little checking. As a hotel owner in Zihuatanejo, I can say from past experience that not all reservation services are the same. There are times when I haven’t been paid, or it has taken months to receive payment. Meanwhile of course, the guests have come and gone, they have paid and had every expectation of receiving what they paid for, and justifiably so.
Ignore the stars!. Well, up to a limit. Bear in mind that star ratings are entirely subjective. Especially in small towns like Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo — indeed most of Mexico, there is no, repeat no “star rating authority”. I have seen hotels that have one star on a particular site and 3 stars on another!
If the site boasts reviews or user-comments, read them. Read the reviews or comments with a grain of salt to start. If a hotel only has one comment… well, obviously it can’t be the consensus view can it? Also, depending on which site, the user comments can be a little dodgy too. Not on the big sites, but the smaller ones. It is painfully easy to “seed” positive comments about your own hotel.
Not all hotels are available online. The biggies in Ixtapa of course, but the majority of smaller ones, especially in Zihuatanejo, are not. Nor will you find apartments, bungalows, private villas etc. Look to the local sites to find them.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Sites and Forums

These are not reservation services per se, although they all have advertising. I am now going to suspend my rule about not giving a site a recommendation, but if you haven’t already been to the site, you should: TripAdvisor. They have user-forums for both Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo.

Try it out. By far and away the majority of users are honest and helpful and the site makes it very hard to engage in self-publicity.

Lonely Planet can be useful as well, but they just don’t have the volume. There are also forums on some of the local sites but they are generally populated with two types of people — those seeking information and locals trying to promote their own interest. Not useless by any stretch, but again, take it with a grain of salt.

In summary, the more homework you do, the better chance you will have of being content with your choice.

Stay in Cape Town Villas – The Cooler Holiday Alternative to Hotels

If you’ve always stayed in hotels when traveling, then its time to break the mold and try staying in self catering Cape Town villas. But what about room service? When you’re on holiday you don’t like to lift a finger! Well what about it? Overpriced, unappetizing, the intrusive waiter always lurking close by – why would you want that? No. Its time to change. Here’s what you can expect when you stay in Cape Town villas or perhaps luxury Cape Town apartments.

Really, once you stay in a self catering Cape Town villa there’s no going back. Just imagine waking up in a luxurious room between crisp white percale sheets and padding to the window on a floor gently warmed by the under floor heating. As you arrived the previous night you are unprepared for the uninterrupted views of ocean and mountain. for some coffee. You fling on an inappropriate dressing gown but who cares – you don’t need to cover up for the waiter, there’s just you and your beloved – you glance affectionately at the gently snoring sheet covered mound in the bed.

You manage to find the kitchen – finding the heated floor pleasant to walk on. Lets see whats in the SMEG. Yum.. bulging with goodies. All delivered as per your instructions before your arrival, by Lesley from Sublime Shopping – recommended by Holiday Rentals Cape Town who specialise in Cape Town villa rentals. You spot the tin of Illy Expresso which you ordered.

You take a closer look at the SMEG. Yum…you find the hand-rolled croissants from Jardine. We’ll have a couple of those for breakfast. There’s also a whole range of local cheeses, strawberries, yoghurt, a platter of vegetarian sushi, plastic containers labeled with “Coq au Vin”, “Oxtail”, “Hand made Pasta with Porcini”. Its like a culinary treasure trove – you can’t wait to get stuck in!

You fling open the grocery cupboard and find a range of 3 different breads – ciabatta, baguette and sourdough rye. Rows of jams – cherry, strawberry, marmalade.

In fact everything you can think of.

The water boils – you take you booty back to the bedroom where you find the balcony doors flung wide open. You share a romantic breakfast with your man on the Balinese outdoor furniture while enjoying the sun and sea air.

You chat about the friends coming around later (well half of London is in Cape Town for New Year, didn’t you know?) There’s nothing for you to do – you’ll be a guest yourself really. Kevin, renowned chef is coming around with his staff. Cocktails, Cap Classique (South African for Champagne) and wine will be served and a sit down dinner is planned – something fabulous but you know not what (you like to be surprised). Just no organs, you request. When Kevin leaves your villa will be spick and span with no signs of the devastation some of wilder friends will inflict.

So how did manage to be so organized? Well you found a good holiday rental agent (Holiday Rentals cape town) who apart from booking a really amazing villa (fully serviced so no cleaning) for you right on the beachfront in Camps Bay, also suggested a shopping service and a well-known private chef. The shopping service (Lesley of Sublime Shopping) stocked your fridge before you arrived with a list you provided them with. This included wine, juices, mineral waters as well as home made items ready to be warmed up and eaten. Lesley of Sublime Shopping will also drop off fresh juice, milk, ciabatta and croissants every day (on the front step – she has a remote). She’s also just 1 text message or phone call away, so just shout if you need anything.

The chef, Kevin, is available to cater for sit down dinners, braais or BBQs, take to the beach gourmet picnics, or just drinks & snacks with your friends. He comes with his own staff who make drinks, prepare food, wait on you and clean up like good fairies before they disappear.

But all this lies in the future. You stretch, smell the fresh salty air and feel the sun on your back. You might just lounge here a little longer before you stroll down to the beach to explore.

Why Choose Holiday Family Villas

This is one of the key reasons why families prefer staying in villas over hotels while on vacation. Along with acting as a home away from home, villas ensure you a travel with fewer luggages, thus making your trip a more pleasing and exhilarating one. Here are few such reasons why people choose villas as their holiday homes!

1. The home away from home

A cozy little villa with a small drawing room, a neatly dressed up bedroom, a small kitchen with essentials – this does sound as if you are in a miniature version of your home. Along with being safe, it allows you to relax and unwind with utmost ease.

2. Less luggage, more comfort

This comes true in case of villas, especially if you have kids with you. Kids are unpredictable. Staying in a villa gives you the comfort of putting your kids on the diet they always enjoy. And, you do not have to carry all the kitchen essentials with you as you have the basic provisions available in the villa itself! Your kid will also never feel that he is a new place.

3. There is more space

You might end up paying hundreds of dollars if you wish to stay in a spacious hotel room. Nevertheless, villas offer you a more spacious and comfortable accommodation. Your kids will not feel restricted from moving around. There is enough space to share and space to be yourself add up to a relaxing holiday.

4. Holiday villas offer cheaper accommodation

Since villas are rented for over a certain period, they come at a much cheaper rate than hotel rooms for which you make pay on daily basis. Plus, the expenses and overheads incurred by villas are quite less than hotels and motels. Given the amenities and space, villas make a better deal.

5. Spend less on your food

Home cooked food come with countless advantages. They are tasty and healthy; plus, they offer you a chance to save money also. It is not mandatory that you have to cook while vacationing, but then it is unarguably a handy choice when it comes to a holiday with little kids. Most of the holiday villas offer cooks. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the cooking part also.

6. Enjoy a private holiday at your comfort

This is one of the key reasons why people opt villas. You do not have to wait for the other person to swim out off the pool for you to enjoy. You can enjoy the sunbath at your own comfort. Sleep whenever you want without other guests disturbing you by knocking at your door. In short, villas offer you a guaranteed private vacation in the utmost zealous fashion!

When you want to relax completely and get far away from the mad buzzing crowd, then there is ideally only one choice – rent a holiday villa in your favorite holiday spot. No noisy neighbors, no holiday reps, or room service! Relaxation is total and your options unlimited. Enjoy!

The Best of Arzachena, Sardinia: Villas, Restaurants, and Attractions

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is the beautiful island of Sardinia. Villas in the area look out onto some of the world’s most spectacular ocean vistas and countryside views. Unique and interesting in themselves, they are often only a short distance from nearby shops and restaurants. If you’re looking for a villa nestled in picturesque countryside hills, but still with access to excellent restaurants and shopping, you might want to try Arzachena. With corner cafes, independent boutiques and charming old world squares, this town also offers excellent access to nearby beaches by car or public transportation.

Most people come to Arzachena for the famous pre-historic sites and monuments. So, while you’re in and around the area, why not experience the charming restaurants and soak in the history of the area’s many ancient buildings and sites?


For holiday makers looking for a retreat in a countryside location in Sardinia, villas in Arzachena offer beautiful views over rolling green hills and access to lovely relaxing walks through the fields and trees. Different from the newer builds that you often find on the coast, much of the accommodation available in and around Arzachena is in refurbished farmhouses and country homes – making them a unique and charming alternative to hotels, and set in a perfect location to enjoy the vistas of the area.


In Sardinia, villas near Arzachena offer access to some of the island’s most delicious food, ranging from pizzerias to seaside fine dining. In the town of Arzachena, you’ll find a couple of good Italian restaurants, serving up local favourites. A bustling and late night restaurant is Il Vecchio Mulino (Via Moro, 07021 Arzachena), which – rumour has it – serves up some of the most delicious pizza around.

If you’re planning a trip to the coast, a local favourite is Oasi (near Costa Smeralda, Localita Riolta, 07021 Arzachena) with outdoor dining in the countryside. It’s often bustling with food lovers from the area who travel there for their delicious fresh seafood pastas.

Historic Sites

Arzachena is home to some of the oldest historical sites in Sardinia. Villas and hotels often offer access to bicycles or give you information on car hires and public transportation, but most of the historic sites are available by foot if you’re up for a walk through some beautiful country landscapes.

The Tomb of the Giants is an impressive Bronze Age burial and grave monument. It was built by the Nuragic civilization, which flourished in Sardinia almost 4,000 years ago. Much of it is still intact and is easily viewed from the road. Just follow Via Mascagni out from the town centre and it’s on your left. You can’t miss it.

Nuraghe la Prisciona is the remains of a Nuraghe village, with the ruins of a tower fortress. Follow Via Paolo Dettori away from the town until you find it on your right.